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Edge of the Glen   -   Clifford Geddes


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Edge of the Glen
A Novel
by Clifford Geddes   

US price: $14.95    UK price from £5.88
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 256
ISBN: 0-595-23621-9
Publication Date: Jul-2002

International villainy set in a Scottish landscape. At last, the authentic echo of John Buchan's Hannay novels rung out for today!

Forget James Bond, this is an old-styled "shocker" of the John Buchan variety. The modern-day protagonist and ex-Falkland's hero, Frederick Delman, is reluctantly thrown into the realm of espionage and bio-terrorism and becomes caught up in the retrieval of a deadly substance, the success of which becomes all the more urgent after the outbreak of the Gulf War. Being initially under the charge of his former friend and fellow veteran of the '82 conflict, Delman is eventually forced to make his own way on a journey which sees him bound for the West Highlands of Scotland and an isolated croft on the shores of Loch Nevis. There he must tackle the sinister figure of Ishbaal and endeavour to frustrate his foe's deadly intent. His difficulties are compounded by instances of mistaken identity, high secrecy and attempts on his life and mission. And all the while the lady of his life is left behind ignorant of his predicament. Once the Scottish border has been crossed the reader is never far from the wild beauty of highland landscapes, with the tread of heather underfoot and burn and glen beside. Civilisation is set against the brutality of war and the grandeur and wildness of nature's elements, whilst the hero and his associates maintain principle and purpose throughout.

About the Author

Born in Shipley, Yorkshire, 1952, Clifford Geddes (pseudonym) graduated in Theology and English before embarking on a career in Education. Thereafter he trained as a psychotherapeutic counsellor and worked for several years in a university. More recently, poor health has obliged him to retire but at the same time has provided him with an excuse to pursue his ambitions in writing. He has a daughter of 17 and now lives in Scotland.

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