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Time to Go  -  Jean Francis


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Time to Go
Alternative Funerals
Jean Francis

Time to Go: Alternative Funerals
by Jean Francis

UK price: £13.99     US price: $15.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 184
ISBN: 0-595-31859-2
Published: Jun-2004

Time to Go reveals that funerals can be celebratory, unique and very personal and yet be very spiritual and dignified affairs that need not, but may, involve a funeral director or a priest. The most environmentally friendly funerals are green burials, which take place on private land or in woodland burial grounds; but there\are many methods, including burial at sea. The author explores many alternatives with practical guidance.

Book Description
When it's Time to Go we all have to make this journey, whether it is by a conventional route or a more unusual one. This book will stimulate conversation on what has for decades been a taboo subject and includes:

  • Ideas for pre planning a funeral or memorial gathering relieving loved ones of making decisions while in a state of grief.

  • Guidance on selecting a place of rest befitting the deceased.

  • Hundreds of suggestions for creating a personal and meaningful right of passage.

  • Inspiring insights into ceremonies to honour the beliefs and lifestyle of the deceased.

  • Practical ideas for those wishing to participate in the funeral of a loved one

  • Creative thoughts for arranging a funeral in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Simple guidelines for burial on private land.

  • Funerals that do not cost a fortune.

  • Memorials that are different.

About the author

Until recently Jean Francis owned her own catering company, co-ordinating the many different occasions that mark life’s milestones such as birth, marriage and death.  Jean was inspired to write this book following some very moving funerals she herself attended.   She realises that these occasions do not have to be merely an event to “go through” but can provide a real opportunity to give a very personal tribute to the deceased and what their lives stood for.

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