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God's Guinea Pig  -  Margaret Freeman


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God's Guinea Pig
by Margaret Freeman

UK price: £15.95    US price: $13.99
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 162
ISBN: 0-595-31056-7
Published: Feb-2004

The enthralling and courageous story of a woman who became a priest in the Church of England, having survived one of the first open heart operations and persevered against deep-rooted prejudices against women in the clergy.

Book Description

Reverend Margaret Anne Freeman was born in 1927 with a serious and complicated heart defect, Fallot’s Tetralogy. She was not expected to live very long at all, let alone walk or have children. She defied expectations, and today works as a 76 year old retired priest in Norfolk.

This autobiography tells how she gained and kept her Christian faith during war and countless personal tragedies, whilst breaking records as she went. She became the first adult to survive open-heart surgery, and the first such survivor to have children. It also tells of the enormous struggle she had over the Ordination of women in the Church of England. This is an enthralling story that will grip the reader with every turn of the page.

About the author

After she was made a deaconess in St Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth, Margaret Freeman responded to a call to the priesthood. She writes: “On June 26th, 1994, the Guinea Pig became a priest. I have no idea how many laid hands on me. All I know is that I had an overwhelming feeling that history was being made.”

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