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The Scent of Rain  -  Gordon Fraser


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The Scent of Rain
by Gordon Fraser
UK price: £8.99     US price: $12.99
Published by Diadem Books:
an imprint of Spiderwize
Format: Paperback
Size : 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.4 cm
Pages: 246
ISBN: 978-0956239297
Published: Sept-2009



A gripping blend of fact and fiction. The survival of a wild life Journalist and a Geologist in the wildest part of the African bush leads to a romance filled with irony and humour.

Book Description

A beautiful twenty-nine year old Scottish journalist specializing in the preservation of wild life in Africa is fanatically opposed to hunting of any kind. After she survives a small plane crash in the Luangwa Valley of what was Northern Rhodesia and suffers concussion and temporary blindness, she is taken care of by a Geologist that she believes to be a stranger. What ensues is a story of breathtaking adventure and romance, delightfully strewn with intrigue and humour.

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Review of The Scent of Rain:

The Scent of Rain - Africa's own love story.

The most beautiful, sensitive and truly remarkable love story from the heart of Africa. The author's amazing talent to produce a script that plays before you like a real time movie is unique and makes this a must read.

Fact and fiction are brilliantly combined to lead the reader on an informative and intriguing journey through the soul of Africa.

Romance, suspense, humour, and plain attention to detail blend this book into one of the most enjoyable reads you will ever find. One really gets in touch with the author's inner self while reading this story based on true life events.

Gerhard Faber
George, Western Cape, South Africa