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Love at my Fingertips   Jean Dion   


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Love at my Fingertips   
A Romance
UK Price £11.99      $13.95 in  US  
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 184
ISBN: 0-595-22981-6
Publication Date: May-2002  

This book has it all—Mystery, Murder, and Romance! The romance that begins with an erotic Internet correspondence will lead you irresistibly into a story of lust, suspense, love and intrigue.

The reader may ask, is the author writing about herself? Maybe! Jean Dion, in fact, is a fictional name in so far as the book, too, might be seen as a wish-fulfilment fantasy.  How many times have we dreamt of being involved in something breathtaking and exciting? You will be irresistibly enticed into this story through the graphic detail and the irrepressible yearnings of the heroine for true love—and by the intrigue and mystery that follows.  You will fall in love with the two main characters. You will want their love to grow and grow! And the more who read this book, the stronger the romance will become between two people from different worlds and different cultures.  The author's characters come alive, but are the two lovers real? You decide!

About the Author
The author Jean Dion is unashamedly a romanticist—yearning for the ultimate romance. Never having found a true romance of her own, she decided to write one straight from her heart and soul! So she made one up that would express her innermost thoughts—a romance that will exceed time itself. If she projected herself into the story, she also had to find the right man—and she did. She dug deep down inside herself and found the man of her dreams

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