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Poems of Contrast  -  Peter John Finch


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Poems of Contrast : Including A Short Story Poem “Earth’s Course to Destruction” by Peter John Finch

UK  price: £12.99    US  price: $14.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 142
ISBN: 0-595-31165-2
Published: Feb-2004

These poems by Peter Finch reflect a wide range of human experience—love, anger, comedy, war and remembrance, some of the most moving being his response to nature.

Book Description
Poems Of Contrast covers forty poems of variety, with a feature length poem called "Earth's Course To Destruction." The poems cover a wide range of experience and emotions, from comedy and romance to health and anger; these, together with war & remembrance poems as well as nature poems, combine to make a unique poetry book for you to read.

A poet by day and a poet by night, Peter Finch seeks every moment in time to get it right. Upon such an hour, upon such a light, the candle will burn until it turns out the light.

About the author

Peter John Finch is 48 years of age and lives with his wife Sarah in Grays, Essex. He enjoys watching films, meals out and works as a store manager for an engineering company.



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