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Memories from Good Hope to Guardafui (1940-2000)  

                                      Michael Fergusson



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Memories from Good Hope to Guardafui (1940-2000)
by Michael Fergusson

UK price: £8.00    US price: $15.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 168
ISBN: 0-595-49828-0
Published: Mar-2008

An autobiographical account of the author's life from 1940, when he left England for Southern Rhodesia until his return to England in 1999. A highlight is the entertaining account of his colonial service in the Somaliland Protectorate.

Good Hope to Guardafui tells the story, after war service and Rhodes University in South Africa, of the author's time in the Colonial Service in Somaliland; that included time in Ethiopia under the 1954 Agreement and the trials involved. A short spell as Northern Rhodesia became Zambia led eventually to the author's return to Southern Rhodesia. Twelve years Government service there and the bush war were followed by a happy retirement as that country became Zimbabwe.

The book is a light-hearted account, with some more serious episodes, particularly those concerning Ethiopia. It concentrates on the amusing, fascinating and interesting incidents. This applies particularly to service in the Somaliland Protectorate about which little has been written in a humorous vein.

About the author

Michael Fergusson went to Rhodesia in 1940. After war service and Rhodes University in South Africa, he joined the Colonial Service in Somaliland. That included service in Ethiopia safeguarding the interests of Protectorate Somalis grazing livestock there. Upon Somali independence, he moved to Northern Rhodesia. The independence of Zambia caused retirement and a move back to Britain. He returned to Southern Rhodesia, joining the Government as that country became Zimbabwe.


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