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How to Meet the Famous    by Bruce Robertson


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How to Meet the Famous
by Bruce Robertson   
US price: $16.95        UK price:  £14.49
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 194
ISBN: 0-595-26487-5
Publication Date: Jan-2003

How to mingle with the rich and famous!       

Bruce with Mike Tyson

Bruce with Ulrika Jonson

Bruce with Roger Moore

It won't cost you a fortune to meet and be photographed with famous movie stars, TV actors, sportsmen and sportswomen, for all you need is some reliable transport, an ear for the news, the time to scan the daily papers, and a camera—Bruce Robertson shows you how in this book which reproduces many of his photos with celebrities.

Do you know anyone who has met over two hundred famous people—all of celebrities you have seen regularly on the TV or in the movies? This book has been written to give details of some of the people the author has met, to show you his easy way of meeting them, and to tell you about some of the pitfalls you might meet if you go about things without careful planning.

Bruce Robertson has had very few failures, most of these being before he perfected a working plan of campaign. Some of the big American stars proved to be the most difficult to have photos with, as they are often surrounded by security guards. Even they are not totally impossible, as the author proves with his unique photo with Mike Tyson when he last visited London--a photo everyone said he would never get.

No less than twenty-four of Bruce’s photos of celebrities are reproduced in this volume.

About the Author Bruce Robertson is an ordinary sort of guy who works for Monmouthshire County Council in South Wales, Great Britain, on the road repair gang. Just a workman, with no special contacts, or friends in high places—but in the last ten years he has met and had photos taken with over two hundred celebrities.

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With Bond girl Britt Eckland

With Frank Bruno

With Kylie Minogue

With the late John Thaw

With Sir Cliff Richard

With Sir Anthony Hopkins