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What Are We After On This Earth - Kwame Agyekum


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What Are We After on this Earth?
by Kwame Agyekum, Evangelist

UK price: £9.99       US price: $15.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 170
ISBN: 0-595-37201-5
Published: Sep-2005


This is a remarkable Christian testimony of faith and endurance by a man who is led by God from Ghana to his new home in Europe . Throughout his journey the writer experiences pitfalls and witnesses many incidents of human greed and tragedy that drive him to seek the reason for man's life on earth.

Book Description
This is an engaging and absorbing story of faith and perseverance, showing how the Ghanaian writer was led by providence through his convoluted and troublesome journey that took him through various West African countries and the Middle East to his present home in Belgium . A keen observer of human suffering and vanity, he frequently asks the question: "What are we after on this earth?" What, indeed, is the whole point of existence, and what does all our striving after materialism, wealth and security amount to? The frequent biblical quotations show how the hand of God was always upon the author, protecting him from the wiles of Satan.

About the author

Kwame Agyekum was born in Akim Oda in the Eastern part of Ghana . He received his primary education at the Akim Oda Presbyterian school and the Heacta International School , and his secondary education at the Agona Swedru Secondary school . He joined his father in his business for some years before traveling to Europe and many other countries. He became a born-again Christian in the Church of Pentecost in Amsterdam when he was baptised by Apostle W.K. Angoh into full membership of the church. He is presently a member of the Church of Pentecost in Belgium , also enjoying fellowship with the Mckeown Assembly in Brussels . He is married with children. In the photograph he is seen with his wife Lydia Ahenkorah Agyekum.

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