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Edrin's Quest,  Journey of a Soul  -   Dorothy Lewis


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Edrin's Quest
Journey of a Soul
By Dorothy Lewis 

UK price: £8.00    US price: $14.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 146
ISBN: 0-595-43200-X
Published: Mar-2007

Edrin’s Quest is a story of magic and adventure for both young and old, set in small community of warlocks, living a gentle existence of life-magic, ruled by only one code, that of the Life/Love energy. From this tiny safe settlement in the mountain the boy Edrin is sent out on a near-impossible mission. For children it is an enchanting story, but older folk will be fascinated by the embedded life and spiritual lessons that it contains—for the tale is also an analogy, a parable, of Life.

Book Description
Edrin’s Quest is a story of magic and adventure, a children’s story—for those aged 10–100. From his tiny warlock community the boy Edrin is sent out on a near impossible task, to travel to an unknown destination and bring back an unknown gift. He is protected by the Great Creator, Master of the White Light, and inevitably the Children of the Dark are out to get him, and sometimes do. They too know magic but in the end white magic triumphs, as always.

This book is like a double-layered sweet, toffee on top, chocolate underneath. Some readers will just eat the toffee, an exciting magic adventure story. Some may go deeper to the dark chocolate as they recognise that it also recounts their inner journey, adventure, trials, successes. Here it relates to Dorothy’s previous book, Ageless Spirit, which reminds older folk of their true Spirit Reality. Edrin’s Quest supports us as it allows the Inner Journey still further to unfold. Truly an adventure—for Edrin, for me, for you.

About the author

Born in Scarborough, 1927. Dorothy Lewis’s varied career initially covered teaching, lecturing, M.Ed. studying. At 50 she discovered her soul sang in Swaledale! Moving there she became guesthouse owner, complementary medicine practitioner, counsellor, therapist, healer, writer. In retirement the quiet countryside nourishes her spirit. Writing continues.

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