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The Tree That Grew in St James Square       Louisa M Jenkins 


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The Tree That Grew in St James Square
by Louisa M Jenkins

UK price: £10.93    US price: $19.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 244
ISBN: 0-595-32537-8
Published: Aug-2004

This is the story, beguiling and often moving, of a young girl brought up in the harsh realities of the 1930's in St. James Square in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Book Description
The recollections of Louisa Mowatt Mackenzie (Jenkins) of her growing-up years in a working-class neighbourhood of Edinburgh, Scotland, constitutes a valuable addition to the literature of the era. Though disguising her heroine as Susie, The Tree That Grew in St. James Square is clearly autobiographical. Susie takes up her story in two parts—her childhood years (1932–1937), and her adolescent years (1938–1942).

Her photographic memory draws the reader into the joys and sorrows of street games, school dances, processions, Easter egg rolls, the death of her brother, her first love. Hers was a way of life experienced by thousands of Scots in those difficult times. How her large family coped with hardship but shared each other’s trouble and triumphs is an absorbing tale deserving a permanent place in the history of Edinburgh, and indeed anywhere.
—Lindsey Wilger Williams, Charlotte Sun Herald 

About the author

Louisa Mowatt Mackenzie of Edinburgh is wife of Tom Jenkins and mother to Glyn and Llewellyn.

Material in New Fiction, Arrival Press, National Library of Poetry, Maryland, U S A. Pot-Pourri of Poems launched in St. James complex. Ghost writer of brother’s war memoirs launched in Canada. She is presently writing her Wren memoirs, Bellbottoms and Blackouts. 


Piper John Mackenzie 
('Jonah' in the book - the author's eldest brother)

Teeny, a remarkable sister

Piper John Mackenzie ('Jonah' in The Tree That Grew in St James Square)
(Oil painting by Tom Jenkins; 
see other oil paintings by Tom Jenkins

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Bellbottoms and Blackouts :  Memories of a Wren
by Louisa M Jenkins 

UK price: £9.99     Our price: $13.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 132
ISBN: 0-595-33866-6
Published: Dec-2004 

This is a delightfully entertaining account of the author’s three-year period during the Second World War as a wren, when she was enlisted in the W.R.N.S., the much coveted service that had been so difficult to enter.