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Ebony WWI Charger  -  Dalton Alexander


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WWI Charger
by Dalton Alexander   

UK Price £12.99       $14.95 in US
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 168
ISBN: 0-595-24677-X
Publication Date: Sep-2002

This is a vivid and absorbing account of the frightening hardships and victories of the First World War, focused around the role played by a General’s splendid and heroic horse, Ebony.

Book Description
Ebony is based on a famous WWI charger that belonged to General Chapelle. The story opens with his birth in the stable of Hansall Manor where his arrival is greeted by family and staff. When he is four he goes to war with his mother, master and groom. The crossing is hazardous and terrifying for them and their equine comrades down in the hold of the ship. One by one the family and staff leave. Sally the parlour maid goes into the dangerous business of munitions. Bob the boot-boy runs away to join up. Jessica the General’s daughter becomes a VAD. Only Molly, the fortune-telling cook, the General’s wife and an old servant, are left. The horse hospitals at the front were provided and run by the Blue Cross Animals’ Hospital entirely on voluntary donations. Everything possible was done for the horses. Lady Hamsall, along with many others in the country, worked incessantly to provide everything the horses needed. Ebony finally triumphs with his famous charge through the front line. ‘Our Dumb Friends League’ was the early name of the Blue Cross. Hopefully this story of Ebony might help his descendents today.

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