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Rebirth of the Druids  by Marchele E. Tyler


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Rebirth of the Druids                    
by Marchele E Tyler   
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 198
ISBN: 0-595-21042-2
Publication Date: Dec-2001


Rebirth of the Druids is an enchanting tale of fantasy and romance that will grip the reader in its spell of magic and legend as it tells of how a young spellbinder helps to restore the balance of a tortured world.

Long ago all the lords and the ladies of the magic lands, or Druids as we know them, left the known lands. Only a few spellbinders and the old woman they called the Oracle remained behind. The Druids promised to return, but never did, so there was an imbalance in the flow of magic that came from the five wellsprings beneath the land. The magic flowed too freely and the motherland could not take the strain. The Oracle predicted that in the next few years furious storms would take over the skies, earthquakes would be common and all the seas would turn to poison. Only the Druids had enough ability to harness the wellsprings and restore the balance.

At length the Oracle called a young guard, a spellbinder named Curren, to her private chamber. She reminded him of the history of the Druids and of the wellsprings. Then she told him of the vision she had just had. Her vision showed her that soon they would have Druids among them again, but not the Druids of old. New ones would be born from common women--but because of the lack of magic in the mothers’ bodies and the desperate need for it in the babies, the children would not survive the birth without help.

This was Curren's mission--to rescue, resuscitate and rear the five Druid children, by harnessing and channelling the magic of the land through his catalyst stone. But it was a mission fraught with danger and betrayal...

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NOTE:  The Children of the Wellsprings

Rebirth of the Druids is the first of three books by Marchele Tyler.  The second is Reunion of the Druids, while the third is Masters of the Wellsprings.  The trilogy constitutes a set called The Children of the Wellsprings.