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Dolman    -    Victoria David


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by Victoria David
UK price: £12.00     US price: $22.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 408
ISBN: 0-595-52112-6
Published: Jun-2008


Genetic engineering in the Highlands. A story of one solution to the threat of climate change.

Book Description

News items abound concerning the rapid evolution of genetic research. At the same time we are told the world is hurtling towards climate disaster.

Sebastian James is a genius geneticist. Charged by the British Government to produce a modified human, capable of withstanding the future onslaught of global warming, he vows to complete his remit at any cost. His obsessive nature makes him unpopular with almost everyone. Hated by his daughter he struggles with his own emotions, at times allowing his single-mindedness to rule his actions. Over thirty-six years we move via Portsmouth and Scotland to the waters of the Mediterranean, following the fate of the hybrids and the effect they have on their human contacts. In 2008 Sebastian is given the opportunity to be reconciled with his daughter Belinda. Can they reunite before tragedy strikes? And can the new beings ever be accepted into society?

About the author

Victoria David is a 55-year-old former civil servant and teacher. A keen writer in her twenties, she has only recently returned to storytelling after caring for her Mother until her death four years ago. Victoria lives in Oxford where she runs her sugarcraft shop and cares for her elderly Father

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