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Churchill's Darkest Fear   - Alan Charles Dickens


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Churchill's Darkest Fear
by Alan Charles Dickens
UK price: £10.00    US price: $18.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 306
ISBN: 0-595-48363-1
Published: Feb-2008





History is rewritten as Hitler mounts a successful invasion of Britain. After an agonising dilemma, Churchill flees to the United States to seek its intervention. Will the Americans heed his plea or stand aside allowing Hitler to pursue his global ambitions?

Book Description

The heroic image of Churchill leading the Allies to victory in World War II is turned on its head when Hitler gains air supremacy, to inflict an ignominious defeat on his sworn enemy. Shocked and humiliated, Churchill is forced to seek American assistance to drive the Germans out. Can Churchill convince the Americans to intervene? Will Churchill overcome formidable opposition and be able to return home victorious? Indeed, will he return at all?

In this gripping new thriller, fact and fiction are welded together, stretching the imagination into a surprising outcome. If you have ever asked yourself what would have happened if the Battle of Britain had been lost, the unfolding of events and dramatic climax will provide a fascinating possibility. It will leave you pondering what could have been, long after you finish the book.

About the author

Alan Dickens was born in Bristol in 1941 and educated at St Brendan’s College, Clifton. He graduated from Hull University before training in Manchester as a Psychiatric Social Worker. After an eventful career in Social Services, he now lives with his wife near Lincoln. He enjoys writing, travel and playing golf.

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