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Pocket Size Handbook  For Dads Who Don't Have a Clue!  -  Shirley Wheeldon


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Pocket Size Handbook
For Dads Who Don't Have a Clue!

by Shirley Wheeldon

UK price: £4.95    US price: $8.95
Format: Paperback:
Perfect binding , cream interior
Size : 6 x 9 (US trade)
Pages: 48
Published: October-2008



This light-hearted essential guide is for "Shell-shocked dads" who need a crash course on what they can expect to happen when they discover they are about to become a dad for the first time. The book is packed full of useful information, ideas and suggestions, which will make the new dad at least able to bluff his way through this magical experience and pretend he "has got a clue" what he is supposed to do, when and how.

Book Description

An essential (and fun) guide (with illustrations) for the new the father, which is an ideal gift for any new dad  for Christmas, birthday and of course father's day.

About the author

According to Shirley Wheeldon, she is "just your average Mum-Nan," and goes on to say, with regard to her first book,
Pocket Size Handbook For Dads Who Don’t Have a Clue! -

"I started my working life in the nursing profession, then worked in child care and have worked as a health care professional for over 25 years . I have two grown up daughters, and four grandchildren , aged from one year to eighteen. I also have lots of godchildren and have become Nan to most of my friends' children. My husband and I have a wide circle of friends, and our house has ever-opens doors . So our home is always full of visitors, most of whom have children . The toy cupboard is always available as well as some special treats from the goody box.

I have been very lucky to have a really good relationship with my daughters and have helped to look after my grandchildren.

Last year, when both of my daughters had new babies and the new dads were having their first experiences of becoming dads, the idea of giving them a bit of sneaky help and a few useful ideas to get them started was  just as a bit of fun. From that it grew into this little book which is packed  with useful suggestions which could help all new dads . It is designed to be a quick read over a cup of coffee, and a book which you can use as a point of reference in the future when you need it .

Families can be wonderful asset, or a nightmare - it all depends what you do and how you deal with situations. What I have tried to do is give 'Dad's who don't have a clue' a bit of a sneaky preview into what they can expect and a few ideas that might help."

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Format: Paperback:
Perfect binding , cream interior
Size : 6 x 9 (US trade)
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