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Fighting the Bug   -    Bryan Cromwell


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Disease, Diet, and Education
In Early Knightswood

Fighting the Big
Disease, Diet, and Education
In Early Knightswood

by Bryan Cromwell

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Format: Paperback:
Perfect binding , cream interior
Size : 6 x 9 (US trade)
Pages: 200
ISBN: 978-0956051943
Published: December-2008

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Book Description


The first part of this book deals with disease, health, and diet mainly in Knightswood prior to, during, and immediately following World War II. The second part is concerned mainly with the education of primary school children in the same area and during the same period, although there are several ventures beyond Knightswood and into Glasgow generally.

This is not intended to be an academic treatise but is more in the form of a collection of experiences from a number of men and women who spent their formative years in Glasgow’s largest between-the-wars housing development. The accounts are equally applicable to all of Glasgow Corporation’s pioneering garden suburbs. In addition to anecdotes there is a great deal of easily verifiable “official” information; for example, details of Glasgow’s highly successful mass chest X-ray campaign in the 1950s and a fair amount of factual material concerning the Scottish education system operating in the early to mid 20th century

Perhaps this modest book, although concentrating on health and education, will go some way to giving Glasgow’s largest garden suburb the attention it deserves. After all, this “land of hope and glory” has nurtured many people who came to the forefront of public attention and in a variety of occupations, having survived the diseases of childhood prevalent in the period covered and benefitted from a ‘guid Scottish education’.

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