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A LIFE  by  Morris Clegg


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A Life
by Morris Clegg
UK price: £8.59    Our price: $15.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 172
ISBN: 0-595-34300-7
Published: Feb-2005

Other Formats:  Hard Cover : £13.98  $25.95 

Not just an autobiography, A Life is a historical record of achievement, from pre-war childhood to post-war retirement, taking in school, training ship, the sea, the commercial world, home and family.

Book Description
While Morris Clegg’s book purports to be an autobiography, it is in effect a remarkable chronicle of achievement and success—a ‘how to’ manual on how to succeed in life, whether at sea or in business, written from personal experience by a man who was not afraid to take risks, and who, apart from establishing a ‘laundry’ empire as a successful industrialist, became sought after by banks, financial institutions and investment panels to advise on new businesses. Reflecting on his experiences in factory planning, company acquisitions and management, Morris inadvertently offers a wealth of commonsense advice on many aspects of business and personnel management. For anyone interested in the realization of personal and business goals, with the necessary ingredients of resilience, commitment and perseverance, this book is a ‘must read’!

About the author

Morris Clegg was born 1930 in Prescot, Lancashire . Educated Cowley School , St.Helens and H.M.S.Conway, anchored in the Menai Straits. Cadet with Union Castle Mail Steam Ship Co. Ltd. After securing 2nd Mates Sea Going Certificate, came ashore and became involved in the commercial world. Married with four children and eleven grandchildren. A Reader in the Anglican Church for nearly half a century. Also, an accomplished pianist, with his own series of three CD releases: Morris at the Piano.

Morris Clegg’s book is a readable and entertaining chronicle, in the first place, of a childhood that began in the uncertain peace of the thirties followed by the war years of the forties, and then by the closing stages of the war with the account of a two-year spell on a training ship, H.M.S. Conway. The author then takes us to sea on ships that sailed the waters of the Far East , America , Africa , Europe , and continues through the years that saw the beginning of the end of the British Empire , of war torn Japan , including a visit to Hiroshima , of an India excited by impending independence. The commercial world follows with all its ups and downs, its stresses and strains, its human relationships and tensions. And interwoven through the last forty-six years of this chronicle is a marriage that began with love at first sight of a girl on a bike! Underpinning the whole is a faith that has survived all that life has thrown at it.

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