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Cinderella in Arabia  
by Monika al-Amahani


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Cinderella in Arabia
A Cross-Cultural Autobiography        
by Monika al-Amahani                              
US price: $25.95    UK price £18.04
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 532
ISBN: 0-595-20116-4
Publication Date: Nov-2001

Cinderella in Arabia is a serious critique of Gulf Arab society, revealing the devastating crunches the author has so triumphantly survived in her intercultural marriage.

Moving from adolescent dreams under the spires of Oxford to the incestuous, corrupt, and filthy-rich milieus of modern Kuwait, this book tears away the veil of hypocrisy, misunderstanding, and myth which shrouds the contemporary Middle East. Forget about political correctness. This is a true story that takes you into the heart of 'wasteland,' where whom you know gets you where you want to be, where haute couture garments rub shoulders with the spirit of the Middle Ages and where women are still bought and sold and consigned to a life of obedience . . . or else! Step into the land of oil . . . and the riches it brings . . . and prepare to be shocked by what you learn.

There are  22 authentic  photographs of the author's life in Arabia pressed amongst the pages of CINDERELLA IN ARABIA. They help the reader to feel closer to all the characters in this true life story.  

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