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Blood Covenant: God's Chosen Relationship - A Geoffrey Carr


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Blood Covenant: God's Chosen Relationship
by A. Geoffrey Carr 
UK price: £8.99     US price: $10.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 82
ISBN: 0-595-38866-3
Published: Mar-2006

Hidden truth revealed to Western Society Christians. Here in plain language the open biblical relationship that so many of today’s Christians have never heard of or ignore at their peril!

Book Description
When God sent Jesus to mankind He conformed to man’s way of a binding relationship that had been established for thousands of years, so that we could understand the relationship He desired. Blood Covenant has been the practice between families, clans, tribes, and nations from earliest of times bringing security and peace of mind and protection for those who submit themselves to its covering.

Little is written on this subject so the author wants to show that the same process that brought peace to warring tribesmen, alliances of nations, family feuds, and individuals has been used by the Living God to bring reconciliation to man and deal with separation between God and man for all time and eternity. Jesus came to bring in the New Covenant, pay the price in Blood that restores, redeems and sanctifies us all to the Living God restoring the open relationship enjoyed at the time of creation.

About the author

Born in Lancashire, A. Geoffrey Carr qualified as a Chartered Engineer in industry before moving to College Education in Scotland. Latterly Dr Carr has pioneered a Local Church, a Bible College, Ministerial Association and various Scottish Charities to reach from Scotland to other places for Ministry in Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and USA.

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