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Is Life Fate or Destiny?   -   A J Bushy


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Is Life Fate or Destiny?
A Novel
by A. J. Bushy   

US price: $15.95       UK price: £13.99
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 286
ISBN: 0-595-24653-2
Publication Date: Sep-2002

Is Life fate or Destiny? This is a fast-paced thriller that brings together a multiplicity of love stories with sexual realism, ending in a shootout in Gibraltar that shocked the world.

Terry: he works hard and plays even harder. Julie: A career girl, her only two loves in life—flying and her parents. Diago: A gentleman and scholar. Raul: Brash, exciting, but seeks revenge. Kevin: A lonely soldier who finds true love. David: Shy, good natured, who seeks adventure but finds love. Is life fate or destiny? You will ask this question as you read the story of Terry, a young merchant seaman in the nineteen-fifties. His travels and his exploits take him to the four corners of the globe. Unknown to himself, he fathers five children—a boy and a girl in England, twin boys in Argentine and a son in New Zealand. Twenty years pass. Is it FATE or DESTINY that brings them together in a bloodbath on the Rock of Gibraltar? About the Author

The Author Tony Filler (pen name A.J Bushy) was born in 1945. He left school at fourteen and joined the Merchant Navy. After fifteen years he became a publican in the West End of London. Several years later he sought the quiet life of Hampshire and a country pub. In 1990, shortly after the Lockerbie tragedy, he joined BAA security at Heathrow


In 2000, shortly after his wife died of cancer, he took early retirement and moved to Spain where he started and finished his first book.

Scenes from the novel!

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