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Brotherhood  -  D Elliott


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Brotherhood by D. Elliott

UK  price: £11.99     US price: $13.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 174
ISBN: 0-595-30180-0
Published: Nov-2003

This is the tale of what happened when a master was executed and his disciples left to carry on his work.

Book Description:

Jerusalem, early first century A.D.

A community struggles to rise and spread its message in a country torn by political and religious power. A small group within the holy city recognize they must carry on their master's work, that they must remind its inhabitants who live divided by political, social and religious issues, that there is one Lord they can all turn to.

Their master's brother, James, now leads this mixture of disciples. He attempts to keep the community together, arguing their rights before political and religious leaders whilst his men are hounded by the law. One such persecutor is Saul, who, through revelation, changes sides and joins James. Saul brings change to the group's outlooks as they all attempt to bring that true meaning to their master's words in the face of religious, political as well as social disapproval.

About the author

The author lives just off the Welsh coast, amidst the hills and sheep. She originates from London. She has a degree in Divinity as well as being a student in the school of life, though she is constantly looking for enlightenment and a winning lottery ticket.  

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