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Adventures of Charlie Bonker at Pottage Pie       Mary Jane Pearce


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Adventures of Charlie Bonker at Pottage Pie
by Mary Jane Pearce

UK price: £4.79    US price: $8.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 84
ISBN: 0-595-41033-2
Published: Oct-2006

Hilarious children’s animal adventure story based on the zany antics of a mischievous but loveable cat.

Book Description

Rude and relentless, that’s what Charlie Bonker was better known for among his farm and forest friends. He re-named River Cottage Pottage Pie, spat obscenities at everyone, and praised their hospitality by peeing on the mat. He sometimes put bogies in the bath and snails in the sink. He broke cups and turned pegs into catapults. He liked to race caterpillars in the sun, and sing the most awful poetic songs.

Seeing Den with an old boat one morning gives Charlie something else to think about other than mischief. He does well, until a disabled dog that seems more a threat than a friend arrives at the gates of Pottage…

Illustrations by Jason Scott

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