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The Blue Vale  -  Michael Lamb


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The Blue Vale: 
Poems from Mallaig and Beyond
by Michael Lamb
UK price: £13.99   US price: $15.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 162
ISBN: 0-595-28913-4
Published: Jul-2003

Inspired by the landscape, spirit and way of life of the West Highlands and Islands of Scotland, these poems question, delight and entertain. Absorb, enjoy, then read again.

Book Description

Drawn from experiences of staying on a croft outside the fishing village of Mallaig, these poems are not only reflections upon a way of life in transition, but also of the impact of that upon the author in his own evolution both as an individual and as a writer.

Of particular interest to those who know the western seaboard of Scotland, these poems will appeal to all who appreciate the drama of nature; the simplicity and values of an era as it confronts progress and modernity; and who themselves attempt to see beyond the ephemeral in a search for meaning and belonging in a complex world.

Divided into seven thematic sections, the work is enhanced by the author's own foreword and by the inclusion of a glossary highlighting place names and pronunciations.

About the Author

Born in Shipley, Yorkshire, 1952, Michael Lamb graduated in Theology and English before embarking on a career in education. Thereafter he trained as a psychotherapeutic counsellor and for several years worked in a university setting.  A long-time devotee of Scotland's west coast, as both visitor and resident, he has now retired from the mainstream and spends the bulk of his productive time in writing.  He has a daughter of 18 and his current home is in the county of Devon.

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