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Bloody Hell!   by  Toby Bishop


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Bloody Hell!
by Major Roy Edward Bishop MBE 

UK price: £10.99    US price: $13.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 134
ISBN: 0-595-32538-6
Published: Jul-2004 

This is a tale of the experiences and opinions of a former army officer (seeking to change his way of life) after thirty years serving in H M Forces. The total change from a regulated and controlled military establishment to that of working in isolation in West Africa, without communication, and with limited support from the outside world, came as a shock—and he had to deal with it.

Book Description

The challenge was to train a security force for the Volta River Authority in Ghana. This account tells how Roy Bishop, ill prepared and poorly equipped, came to terms with this adventure, and how the people and the land affected him and gradually changed his knowledge of himself and life. The story illustrates the challenges, trials and amusing incidents throughout the author's stay in Ghana—situations or incidents which today, in the time of the mobile phone, could not have happened, but did in 1986. For those interested in Africa and the activity of private contract men working in this Dark Continent, the story will surely be fascinating. Magic Ju Ju, the poverty of the people, the savagery of some, the loyalty and the friendship of others, make up this collection of tales within the story. This was a lesson in life.

About the author

Roy ‘Toby’ Bishop is an ex-army officer who enlisted into the Royal Military Police in 1956 and then served a full career. He gained his own independent command as a major in 1984 and was awarded the MBE in 1982 by the parachute forces for his efforts in support of their worldwide role. He left the army in 1986, taking advantage of an opportunity to work in Ghana raising and training a security force for the Volta River Authority for the protection of their hydro electric darns and installations. He has since worked on contract in other African countries where he has gained a fondness for the continent.

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