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What the Bible Says is in Your Hand - Rev Arthur S Dunn


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What the Bible Says is in Your Hand!
by Rev Arthur S Dunn

UK  price: £19.99   US price: $22.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 314
ISBN: 0-595-30600-4
Published: Dec-2003

A thoroughgoing research into the Bible, from creation to salvation, this book tells it like it is. No reader will be able to ignore the power of the Holy Spirit that moves the author, or resist the simplicity of the salvation message.

Book Description


Burning with the fire of the Holy Spirit, the author, a dedicated minister of Christ, presents a searching research into the meaning of the Bible, from Genesis to the role of the Apostles, and ends with a clear and straightforward re-iteration of the salvation message. While God answers the worshipper’s prayer, Salvation is easy, as is receiving the Holy Spirit, for one cannot receive the Holy Spirit without the Son, or the Son without God the Father—the Trinity is indivisible.

The author is not afraid to challenge conventional thinking about the Apostle Paul’s apparent supremacy over the Apostles, and about the Apostle Paul’s presentation of the role of women in the church. Indeed, one of the most inspiring revelations of the book is that it was a woman who was chosen to be the first evangelist, who first carried the news that “the Lord is risen!

About the author

The Rev Arthur S. Dunn, who now lives in London, accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into his life many years ago in Rosendale, Wisconsin, and was baptized in water in the Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Berlin, New Jersey, USA, and shortly afterwards was filled with the Holy Ghost.  After such an experience, he asks, “how could one worship if there is no Holy Ghost fire burning around you?”

The crux of the author's message:
This is absolute truth: we all were born like a Siamese pair with a partner. His name is sin; he is stronger than us; he goes around with us. He psychologically and mentally influences our lives, and only one physician can operate and separate us from him; and He is Jesus Christ the holy surgeon, the Son of the Living God. Jesus said, repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name among all nations beginning at Jerusalem (Luke 24:47).  Jesus then gives unto us a new partner in the place of sin called the comforter. Hallelujah!

I beg you to ask Christ now to come into your heart. Ask him to take control of your life; let him rule and direct you. He will give heaven in your heart here and now. He promises salvation now and eternal life to come for those who will trust in his finished work and put their confidence in him alone.

Just imagine you have a butterfly in your hand. You have the power to crush it to death or save it alive: it’s in your hand.

May you receive eternal life now, today—it’s in your hand: you have the power to accept or reject eternal life now.

It’s in your hand.

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