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Betrayed     H. Salisbury


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A true story of heart-rending injustice

by H. Salisbury

UK price: £9.56    US price: $17.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 208
ISBN: 0-595-34105-5
Published: Jan-2005

Set in the Lancashire cotton town of Oldham, this moving and gripping autobiography presents a catalogue of events that helped shape the author to be the man he is today.

Book Description
Hampered by a hearing impairment at eight years of age, the author was left to fend for himself in an education system that did not recognise his disability. A catalogue of hurdles followed: chastised by his father and abandoned by his family; betrayed by his wife, her family, friends and anyone else who could be persuaded to embark an a brutal and sustained campaign of bullying, character assassination, theft, vandalism and deception; deceived by the legal profession, cheated by the social services and mugged by the financial institutions and the government.

Sleepless nights and anxiety over his well-being became a way of life. Always refusing to surrender, he absorbed the constant onslaught throughout his life and survived in reasonable health and fitness.

About the author

The author was born in Oldham , Lancashire in 1942. He took early retirement and decided to pen this true story. Today he relaxes and enjoys an exceptional relationship with his second family.



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