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The Best Laid Plan -  Robert Henry


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The Best Laid Plan
by Robert Henry
UK price: £5.69     US price: $8.79
Format: Paperback
Size : 5" x 8"
Pages: 134
Published: Sept-2009



When Carol is asked to visit her bank manager, she is surprised by the information she is given. What indeed, has happened to her ex-husband, a bully who had made her life such a misery? The story that unfolds from the second chapter shows the events that had led up to this—a happy conclusion that has left her father with a dark secret he dare not reveal and one which, for the sake of the happiness of his daughter, he will take to his grave!

Perhaps Carol had felt pressurised by her family to find a husband, for her parents were keen for her to make a good marriage, especially since she was approaching thirty and her sister Laura was already happily married with the first child on the way. Then one evening, while clubbing, she meets Guy. Is he the right one for her, her knight in shining armour? The ensuing story with its strange dénouement is another of Robert Henry’s chilling tales, where a touch of the macabre gives the reader every incentive to read to the bitter—or sweet?—end!

About the author
Born in New York, Northumberland, the author, having taken early retirement from the building firm Barratt’s, in Newcastle, became restless and decided to try his hand at something he always wanted to do—write! To finance this ambition, he opened up a trophy shop, manufacturing and selling sports trophies to football clubs and football enthusiasts.

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