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An Anatomy & Physiology of the Human Spirit   Willie Maartens


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A Holistic Quest to Understand the Human Soul, Mind, and Consciousness


UK price: £14.75    US price: $28.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 467
ISBN: 0-595-42434-1
Published: Mar-2007

Physical science studies the 'hardware' component of nature; mystics contemplate the 'software' component. It is now necessary to integrate the two worldviews.

Book Description
Since the Industrial Revolution, the peoples from Western civilizations had developed a more mechanistic point of view of the world. As our knowledge of physics and chemistry grew; and with the advent of the steam engine, we started to see the universe and all life in it as a big mechanical machine constructed from chemical elements. Our knowledge has kept on increasing with discoveries about electricity, electronics, information and communication science, computer science and nanotechnology, and especially quantum theory, and holography. We had a whole paradigm shift, and have since developed tools like general systems theory, cybernetics, and chaos theory that are directing our approach to these new, technological developments. The mechanistic worldview of Isaac Newton and Rene Descartes has become utterly, untenable and we have to reconsider our world perspective and probably develop a more holistic view of our world and belief systems.

"This book should begin with a warning – in fact, it might be more apt to call this Foreword a Warning. I challenge anyone reading this book to remain unchanged and untouched regarding his or her belief system – what he/she believes about reality, himself/herself, and indeed God and the meaning of life. In this respect, you might say that this book could change your life.  Some might say that it is a mine that will explode the fabric of your perception of life and reality. So beware! This book, in short, is mind-blowing. Dr Maartens assembles and parades the great thinkers of science, physics especially, of religion, and especially mystics, to show that what you thought were safe to believe, is not. Do you have faith in God, a belief in evolution, or confidence that the earth on which you tread daily is secure, hard, and solid? Well, prepare to have such perceptions shattered! Life itself – this world and this universe, might just be a hologram, or virtual reality!"

Quoted from the foreword to An Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Spirit by:

Dr. Charles Muller, MA (Wales), PhD (Lond), DLitt (OFS), DEd (SA)

About the author

Dr Willie Maartens was born in South Africa and he grew up on the gold mines of the Transvaal. He qualified as a Topo-cadastral and Engineering Surveyor, has a doctorate in Business Economics, and has studied the relationship between science, religion, different philosophies, and the occult for over forty years. He is married and resides in Pretoria, South Africa.

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