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Steps to Success - Charles Muller


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Steps to Success: A Christian Testimony (Writers Club Press)
by Charles Humphrey Muller MA (Wales) PhD (London) DLitt (OFS) DEd (SA)

An inspirational guide to achieving one’s goals and dreams of success.      
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ISBN  0-595-091-539      

Steps to Success! is a thought-provoking study about the power of positive thinking and the Christian faith.

It follows the author’s own personal journey of faith and discovery as he details how his Christian faith unleashed a positive power—in the attainment of personal, even material goals (including the acquisition of university degrees and a Rolls Royce!), but more significantly in the realisation of far-reaching goals: the discovery of his wife and ultimately the transition from university professor in South Africa to successful hotel-owner in Scotland.

An important lesson in the experience of mid-life change is seen in the close dependence on God’s love and boundless supply for all needs, material and spiritual.

From establishing an objective, working out a strategy, and using faith and initiative, this detailed thesis explores the essential principles for personal success and achievement and guides the reader step-by-step through the practical process of attaining his or her goals.

In the final analysis, however, it asks whether it is the individual, or the invisible hand of Providence, which engineers the success—even to the extent of changing one’s original goals, and changing oneself in the process.

The following review by Colin Edwards appeared in the Colines Newsletter, November 2005:


Although there are no written rules, I endeavour to keep this newsletter free of paid adverts, bad language, politics and religion. At this time of year, when the traditional religious dimension of the Christmas preparation is not totally buried under a feeding frenzy of materialism, I can breach the last rule.

This month’s author has personal faith at the heart of all that he does. In a moment I shall be introducing you to Dr Charles Muller as your author of the month.

First though, I want to share a thought that has sometimes bothered me a little when I write articles about material success. I had a strict religious upbringing and now, I am glad that I did, although it sometimes seems to create a potential conflict of interests. You see, this background, as I understood it, implies that there is something that is somehow ‘wrong’ about seeking success ... and yet I am moved to write about gaining it.

Charles has resolved the issue for me! He is great at giving chapter and verse, literally! He also relentlessly pursued academic degrees, a Rolls Royce and even a wife as a result of goal setting and creative visualisation. He achieved these goals without damaging his Christian integrity. He did more — he actually used it to help him achieve them.

He is the author of many books, but my selection and recommendation for this month is Have Anything You Really Really Want! It is a slim volume of just over 100 pages and it is an easy and fascinating read about how he did it. You can buy your copy from Amazon co.uk or Amazon.com — just enter the title or author to order.

Yes, it is subtitled 'A Christian Testimony’, but please don’t let that put you off. Indeed, it may even attract you! Charles is certainly no sage on a stage; neither is he a preacher in a pulpit. He is just a wonderful, down to earth, pragmatic individual who shares my interest in matters of personal discovery. I know from first hand experience that he happily goes the extra mile for his friends and clients with warmth, positive help and encouragement.

Lest you accuse me of the sort of hidden agenda beloved by politicians, I openly admit that Charles is now my own publishing consultant; he is also MD of Diadem Books. That’s how I discovered his own delightful book and why I know about his great qualities.

By the way, there is absolutely no conflict of interests between being a good Christian and following a goal-seeking path. I was wrong and this book lucidly shows why. Whatever your faith, denomination or leaning and even if you have none of the above,... I believe that you will find it a fascinating read.

As a business footnote, you may wonder how I found him. Over a year ago, I contacted a dozen or so possible firms and individuals on behalf of a client. Ten sent the material that I requested and two never bothered to answer. Only one took the time to send a personal reply instead of a standard package. That one was Charles Muller. My client decided to go her own sweet way, but I kept his information on file and later used it.

I do not know if this chain of events was chance, serendipity or fate. As I have written elsewhere, others come into our lives when the time is right for our greater good.

Colin Edwards, author of The Star Process.

Note from the author:

This little book is more than a ‘how to succeed’ manual! It’s a personal testimony, bearing witness to how my Christian faith opened doors and released the power of God - a God who loves and cares, who guides us to fulfil the special plan he has for each one of us.

On one level, it explores the essential principles for personal success and achievement. It’s a record of how these principles worked for me. How did I achieve my three university doctorates? How did I apply myself, what research methods did I use? On a superficial, materialistic plane, how did I acquire my Rolls Royce, or my hotel in Scotland?

More important, how did I reach out and grasp a dream - a dream which, while I lived in Apartheid South Africa, seemed impossible? The book is a record of survival in change. In mid-life, to forego, to let go, all one’s securities - a comfortable five-bedroomed home, a secure professorial salary and status, the Rolls Royce and other possessions - to reach out for an intangible, as yet unrealised vision of a life of spiritual satisfaction and service half-way across the world, certainly involves stress and crisis.

There are many who, in mid-life, find their old life cloying and unsatisfying. A change of direction at this time, possibly into self-employment, can be traumatic, to say the least. But to venture and establish a closer, trusting partnership with the Creator, is to achieve boundless satisfaction. It may allow the Creator an opportunity to release his power and reveal his special plan for you.

The book was written in two parts. Steps One to Six were written in England, after I had embarked on my journey of faith and discovery. The final step (Step Seven) and Epilogue were written after the successful attainment of my dream - a hotel in Scotland. At the conclusion of Step Six I was still unsure and uncertain, and had reached a stage where a new dream had unfolded and had to be visualised and hopes for. The final section shows how a persevering trust in God’s promises and providence brought me home, and how God requires a practical application of faith - a faith which, metaphorically, may require one to walk on water!

God is as real today as he was when he spoke to Moses in a burning bush or parted the Red Sea to lead the Israelites across dry land. His power is as real today, and just as available to us, as when Jesus turned water to wine, walked on water, and appeared to Paul on the road to Damascus in a blinding revelation of God’s purpose.

Today we do have extra-biblical proof of God’s miraculous reality and power. My testimony in Step Four (‘Tapping into the Spirit Dimension’) is an example of such evidence. There was nothing more special about me than others that I should have been blessed with such evidence - apart from my special condition of need at the time: for a moment, God placed me into his intensive care, enveloping me with an outpouring of his love. He loves us all equally, though he may extend some special care to the lost sheep, just as we might take extra trouble to find a lost coin.

My prayer is that God will use this little book to reassure you of his abiding and abounding love and care, and of his ever-present guidance in working out his special plan for you. May it help you to tap into the Spirit dimension and realise the dream God has implanted into your heart!

Review of Have Anything You Really Really Want - by Emelia Hardy:

A learning experience!, March 31, 2002
Reviewer: Emelia Hardy from Dover, N.H. United States

I found this book to be a treasure to me. It made me realize that there's more to life then material things.

Charles Muller explains it so well, from the time when he first starts the book showing how to visualize a clear goal and work for it. Yes -- to work out a strategy. It's so clear how hard he worked looking for those things that he wanted in life. Oh, how he wanted that Rolls Royce! and achieved in his goals. Only to find out that there was more to his life.

Throughout the book you can feel his closeness to God become stronger and stronger. How he finally had to let go of all the things that he thought were important and put all of his trust in God.

He's not afraid to reveal all the mistakes that he made in his life, but were they mistakes? God uses him for His plan. He uses him to reach out to us, the reader. To touch us, to show us that you can trust God.

It's a wonderful story and a great learning experience! and you can only benefit from reading it..

Faith and Trust in God's Love, April 8, 2002
Reviewer: I.B.L. from Rochester N.H. United States
In having faith and trust in God's love is a proven fact when you read this book by Charles Muller. Goals he reached for and attained by positive thinking. This author could see himself going to a university, getting BA and doctoral degrees after his name (Bachelors of Arts Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education, etc)..then wanting a Rolls Royce. My what a car to go for and to top it off wanting a certain color to boot.

Thinking all of this and saying, "Where there is a will there is a way!" and making some of his dreams come true while in South Africa, different places he chose to work, then having to give up his beautiful car... He still went after his dream.

What a good feeling you will have after reading this book! You can feel the faith and trust that this author himself has in the Lord for he realizes that it's not all about things you can have, it's about God!

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This little book is a personal testimony, bearing witness to how the author's faith opened doors and released the power of God -- a God who loves and cares, who guides us to fulfil the special plan he has for each one of us.

On one level, it explores the essential principles for personal success and achievement. It’s a record of how these principles worked for the author. How did he achieve his three university doctorates? How did he apply himself, what research methods did he use? On a superficial, materialistic plane, how did he acquire his Rolls Royce, or his hotel in Scotland?   

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Pages: 114
ISBN: 978-0-9559741-4-4
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This interview with Alan Paton by Roy Holland, and edited by Charles Muller, has never, until now, been published. The interview took place on June 19 and June 20, 1973, when Holland was a guest in Paton’s home, Lintrose, at Bothas Hill, Kloof, Natal. It provides many insights into Paton’s life, his political involvement as the founder of the Liberal party in South Africa, and his writings


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