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Touched by God   -  Charles Muller


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Touched by God
Testimonies of Christian Power

Seven inspirational testimonies edited by Charles Muller   

Publisher: Writers Club Press      ISBN 0-595-09413-9        US Price $10.95       UK Price:  £9.41

Touched by God brings together seven inspirational stories of God’s supernatural intervention in the lives of Christian believers. They constitute extra-biblical proof of God’s divine power and love.

The contributors to this little volume are – or were – remarkable people whom the Lord had touched in one way or another, manifesting His divine love and miraculous power. It was the editor’s own unexpected experience of the Lord’s power and presence that, in 1984, changed his life and caused him to forsake his academic career in South Africa and move to the United Kingdom where he could obey his mission to write. It was also that remarkable experience of His power that made him seek out others whom the Lord had touched – while he was still living in South Africa. This little book is the result of that quest.


Review of Touched by God by Emelia Hardy:

God can Touch you too! just trust Him., April 1, 2002
Reviewer: Emelia Hardy from Dover, N.H. United States

The author Charles Muller will take you through the stories of seven different people. One of them being himself.

Each story will grab you in a different way.It will touch your heart and soul. Some very sad but the author shows the reader how brave these people are, how much they trust in the Lord day by day.

He tells of a young boy who was wise beyond his years and how his wisdom lay in his love for God. This little boy's faith alone was an inspiration to me.

The story that Charles Muller tells of himself took my breath away. His words alone made me feel his pain, his emptiness, his longing for a God that he thought was no longer there!
He tells of a story that happened at four in the morning that brought him to say."God,I Love You".

This story, " Touched by God" is a must read. It gave me an inward piece that is hard to explain. Almost as though God touched me as I read it!.

Ask and you shall receive!, April 10, 2002
Reviewer: I.B.L. from Rochester N.H. United States

What an amazing book! The first two events that happened in this book shows us that the saying, 'Ask and you shall receive' is very true when you ask it of the Lord.

The author, Charles Muller gives an account of a young boy not knowing anything about the Lord God--a boy who grew up finding him in a miraculous way.

Each story you read in this book "Touched by God" is a blessing in its self.

If I could give this book a higher rating then 5 stars I would, for the author did a wonderful job bringing all of these stories together.

In reading this book you will find things will seem brighter and tomorrow will be a better day. God Conquers All!

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