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Laura's Secret   -   Elsie McMillan Young, Humphrey Muller


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U K Price: £10.27 
US Price: $11.95


Paperback - 167 pages (May 2000)
Writers Club Press.; ISBN: 0595096239 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.48 x 9.06 x 6.06


An enchanting story of two nurses -- of romance, explicit sexuality and poignant tragedy through two generations.


At 13 Laura enters service as a kitchen maid in Millfield Hall. The Mistress is soon enamoured of her, promotes her to ladies maid and gives her a magnificent brooch as a token of her affection. When Laura trains as a nurse after the outbreak of the Great War she is raped by a shell-shocked officer. This sets in motion a sequence of events that lead her to harbour a terrible secret by the time World War II breaks out.

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Sexy - but strangely moving! July 8, 2000
Reviewer: Tracey Thomas  from Edinburgh, Scotland
Laura's Secret is written straight from the heart! Laura's story is both poignant and absorbingly interesting for what it reveals about love during two world wars. The explicit sexuality is surprising - but convincing. The author has not shied away from a realistic portrayal of passion in the lives of two nurses. The ending was touching. It made me cry!

If you like Catherine Cookson then this is for you!

July 7, 2000

Reviewer: Dylan M. Weston  from Portland, Oregon USA

This novel is so very reminiscent of Cookson but spiced with relatively graphic sexual situations. A young woman, who of low birth, through dint of her own virtues of hardwork and high moral ethic succeeds against life's odds and travails. However, here are two protagonists--both women--who succeed in spite of hardship. The period that encompases the novel is Edwardian (prior to 1914) and until after World War 2, and the setting England. Although it's an historical novel and a romance--it contains many elements that are different: the protagonists are women who are emancipated and career-minded without denying their need for love while never becoming simpering and dependent. They revel in their strength and take charge of their lives which are lived by a strong moral code based on the virtues of loyalty, integrity, courage, caring, kindness and good humor. It is a charming novel, an easy read and ideal for those summer days when one wants to travel--if not in reality then through the pages of an entertaining novel.