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Memories of Kalgoorlie   -  Filton Hebbard


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Memories of Kalgoorlie                        
Tales from the Australian Outback          
by Filton Hebbard     
US Price: $19.95         UK Price £17.10     
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 384
ISBN: 0-595-19134-7
Publication Date: Jul-2001

Picaresque and vivid stories told with humour and pathos, which reveal the stark realities, the swift, sometimes cruel justice of the bush in the old mining days of Western Australia.         

When gold was first discovered in the arid regions of Western Australia it attracted from all parts of the world the rich, the adventurous, the hard-working family man, the characters, the villains, and a miscellaneous array of misfits. Together, they created a kind of history the author has endeavoured to record with both pathos and humour. These vivid stories have authentic backgrounds and some stem from gossip, yarns, pub talk, with origins that are hazy. But nobody who lived throughout the early days of the pioneer town of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, would deny the possibility of any of them.

The author

Born into the hard and thankless world of a pioneer gold-mining town where suffering was unspeakable, Filton Hebbard has always yearned to write. Now, grateful for those painful years that had so much to offer, his head is full of books! Tipsy Marsh is his second novel to come out of his early Kalgoorlie experience. Branigan, his first novel, remains one of the most vivid tales about pioneering life in the Australian outback. Memories of Kalgoorlie brings together a host of vivid memories and impressions of the Australian bush.

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