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Continental Drift  -  Humphrey Muller


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US Price: $21.95     U.K.Price: £18.87

Continental Drift is a Bildungsroman, presenting a form of self-discovery for the protagonist who wrestles with a hopeless marriage and unfulfilling business.

Harry Denton is a middle-aged professor who leaves his secure post at a London university on account of the sense of failure and embarrassment caused by his wife Anne's mounting debts. An inheritance left to him by his father enables him to start a new life by buying a small hotel in the Scottish Borders. But in this new context his marriage to Anne proves to be just as hopeless and loveless. He escapes through flights of fancy, frequently contemplating suicide, and becomes obsessed with one of his guests - Eleanor, who is a mouthpiece for the ideas of James Redfield in The Celestine Prophecy. Although, ironically, she comes across as a pretty simpleton married to an uncouth double-glazing salesman, she expresses the thinking which, in time, will transform Denton’s life. His infatuation with her makes him susceptible to her husband’s network marketing ideas and he allows himself to be drawn into their world with its glib positive-thinking philosophy.

The ruins of a twelfth-century Augustinian Abbey in the Scottish Borders play a significant role in the evocation of atmosphere (they provide the fantasy of a 'time-gate' to the past). Settings range from Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders, Malta and South Africa. 

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Monika Pavlik from London , 22 May, 2001 5 out of 5 stars
Irresistable Reading!
Humphrey Muller is such a good writer - he keeps the reader captivated, wanting to read on and on! He writes intelligently, yet his book is easy reading. Continental Drift came out of the blue through my letterbox. The novel was a well-meant present from a friend. But having a stock of unread books waiting to be enjoyed, I had absolutely no intention of reading Continental Drift for quite some time. You see, it reached me at the crucial time when I had decided to give my life a thorough face- and body-lift - if you know what I mean! Being taken in by the book's striking glossy orange-pastel cover, my fingers switched to automatic as they flicked through the pages. Unable to resist, I started reading bits here and there, as one does, and in no time I was well and truly hooked! I put the novel on my bedside table and read whenever I could steal the time to do so. Continental Drift is a novel, yet I sensed straight away that the story was based on the writer's up-and-down bobbing, often devastating life experiences. He almost stood before heaven's gate were it not for guardian angels in the form of two old ladies. In today's unsteady, complex world, many of us can identify with the writer's experiences. It proves once again that we are really all in the same boat and that life is not exactly a tea-party. Besides, the book is written in such a witty, captivating, easy to read style. And it's a learning experience, to boot. For me it certainly was! Are not the best and well-known authors grossly overrated while there is so much unknown, yet genuine talent, such as that of Humphrey Muller, out there? So why not read Continental Drift? You won't regret it!
Monika Pavlik

Lisa Ammerman from Florida , 28 December, 2001 5 out of 5 stars
Lust, sex and love!

I finished reading Continental Drift and, first off, I'd like to say how much I was struck by the book's cover.  If the Abbey was from a painting by Joanne Muller, the author’s wife, where did the young woman come from?  She's perfect…a fitting image for the heroine. I wonder what it is about striking blue eyes!

I was very intrigued by the author’s description of running the picturesque hotel in Jedburgh, in the Scottish Borders; and very quickly, with just the right set of examples, he gave a very vivid impression of what it's like to 'serve' and 'deal' with difficult customers or guests. Unfortunately Americans can be, and most often are, the worst.  I'm not sure why, but it must have something to do with their bold, arrogant cultural upbringing.  And goodness, what a tale, getting sucked into the Speedway crowd, representative of network marketing organizations with their "religion of the affluent" and brash doctrines of wealth and materialistic lifestyles!  So may people, like Eleanor, are so innocent, so trusting, so optimistic about and vulnerable to their glib dreams of success and wealth. Harry's involvement certainly got me feeling like Anne, his wife, who couldn't understand why he was putting up with it—even for the sake of a good, strong dose of lust—or love!  

Speaking of lust, Harry’s own plight made me realize just how men ARE driven by lust!  The portrayal of Harry with his obsession for Eleanor is a very honest picture of the main character--not very flattering at times, which makes him all the more 'real' and worth understanding, of course.  Even he admits to those 'juvenile' weaknesses, and I'll bet some readers would call him juvenile or adolescent (especially women readers), but the fact is...men of all ages do feel randy at the sight of tits, or legs, on a woman!  I wonder how many men that say they don't aren't facing up to the reality!  They'd like to think they're "above” all that, I dare say.  Nevertheless, it was Eleanor with her biting blue eyes that gave Harry his first real taste of spirituality, which peaks at Hagar Qim, the pre-historic temple in Malta.  I was there, right at that very spot, a few years back—at sunset—and my husband and I were the only people there... what a strange, eternal feeling that place has, beyond words, magical, as the author of Continental Drift describes it. And what a fitting way to have Harry, now falling away from Eleanor's aura, once again doubt his dream: "In the end, he thought, every person was an island."    

I was thinking, after I finished the book, that mainly it was about Sex—lust and sex!  Or, about a man trying to find gratification and even love in the midst of it. In my own novels (like Love in a Nutbag), there isn't much graphic sex at all, and yet the main focus is sensual.  I wouldn’t want to be as frank and blunt on that subject as the author of Continental Drift has been—I’d prefer to use more dramatic suggestion Yet one might ask, what's the sense in flowering over the physical mechanics of it when that's how it really is?  Perhaps the "ideal" is a heavy dose of all three: sex, love, and spirit. All were there in Continental Drift, and yet Harry kept getting bogged down with sex—among other things, as we all do in real life!

The South Africa section toward the end was gripping stuff. The characters seemed so real and spoke so authentically.  They were very much alive—just jumped out of the pages at you. 

The ending, to me, promised that we humans (or some of us, anyway) can indeed find an island among ourselves where we can live in peace, concentrating on the things that really matter.  Screw the rest of the world!  If only.  Perhaps the author might one day write a sequel, to see how the islanders make out?  Or would they—eventually—create their own version of pettiness, airs, quibbling, greediness?  
Lisa Ammerman, Florida.

Emelia Hardy from New Hampshire, 1 May, 2002 5 out of 5 stars

This Book has Changed my Life!!
This book has so many pages that I kept a notepad next to me so I could come up with an honest review.
I have to tell you, I can't get any more honest then I have. I'll start with the contents of the book—then tell you what it did for me!

The author, Humphrey H Muller paints a clear picture of the way Harry was feeling when venturing away from his familiar soundings, no longer trapped in his everyday routine—a routine that took years of study to accomplish but has now turned into something of the past.

Looks like Harry's problems have only just begun or should I say have become a continuation of what he had left behind. The author makes the reader take notice of Harry with such feeling that you almost feel the same desire that he is feeling—wanting the same things Harry wants. You can feel how destitute and empty he is and how he longs for a deep, caring, touching love. You can't help but feel bad for him. Men have always been known to react to what they see! Anne, his wife, stopped looking special—she let herself go! On the other hand, Eleanor was a breath of fresh air!

The way this book was written made me wish I was Eleanor! To have someone care that much about me is unheard of these days, but one can hope.

Charles Humphrey Muller gave Harry a personality that doesn't quit. When women read this book they will long for someone just like Harry! I know, I do! He has such depth and you can see right into his soul! Cheer up men, the author makes Eleanor to be every man's dream come true—and then some!

I have to say that when Humphrey Muller described Anne I felt like he was looking at me! That scared me! I'm not as bad but I was on my way, for sure. I would never want anyone to think of me the way that Harry thought about Anne—grossly overweight and un-feminine!  So the way this book has changed my life is that it encouraged me to join a fitness center. I've lost 28 lbs so far, two dress sizes, and loving my new self!

You see—you don't need a diet, just read the book!!

I was so intrigued by this book and the talent of the author that I have bought another one of his novels—"A Twist in Time". I can't wait to read it!...You’ll be hearing from me again!

How Many Troublesome Days Can One Man Take!, May 11, 2002
Reviewer: I.B.L.  from Rochester N.H.

From Page one to the end of this book the reader will find themselves coming and going, doing and thinking about what the author has written in this story.
The good times, the bad times. the depressing mood, the insecurity that he felt while going through all these changes in his life.
Having a wife he couldn't trust, forcing him from his teaching position to being a hotel owner hoping to start a new life only to find out that he had taken the problem with him.
I found Harry to be a very lonely man who was looking for love in all the wrong palaces because of Anne who became a burden because of the bad habits that she was never able to break.
As you read on you are engulfed into his privet world of desolation.
This is a good story, well told that keeps your interest as to what will take place next! I recommend this book for it is a good book to read! I have never read one like it. It's excellent!

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CONTINENTAL   DRIFT    by  Humphrey Muller.     Published by Writers Club Press. 

This is a Bildungsroman, or a novel of character growth, presenting a form of self-discovery for the protagonist who wrestles with a hopeless marriage and unfulfilling business, and who finally realises a dream. The novel embodies many of the life-changing ideas expressed by James Redfield in The Celestial Prophecy (Bantam Books).
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Interview with Alan Paton  

by Roy Holland
edited by Charles Muller
UK price: £14.60     US price: $28.95
Format: Paperback:
Perfect binding , cream interior
Size : 6 x 9 (US trade)
Pages: 114
ISBN: 978-0-9559741-4-4
Published: August-2008



This interview with Alan Paton by Roy Holland, and edited by Charles Muller, has never, until now, been published. The interview took place on June 19 and June 20, 1973, when Holland was a guest in Paton’s home, Lintrose, at Bothas Hill, Kloof, Natal. It provides many insights into Paton’s life, his political involvement as the founder of the Liberal party in South Africa, and his writings